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Today Beautiful Horns celebrates natural beauty with a touch of traditional African art to spice up a pure cultural visual experience. They have a dedicated team that sources only the best forms of raw materials and works and sculpts them into works of art. The whole team takes pride in the attention to detail and the love and attention can be seen in the final craft.

As unique as each and every animal is so is the finished artwork on each and every piece resulting in splendid one-of-a-kind creations. Each is therefore handcrafted, telling the story of Africa.

Take a look at some of their new products recently produced.

They offer:

  • Hand carved skulls and horns for home decor – African embedded.
  • Original wildlife and animal skins.
  • Horns which are deal for table displays with a touch of Africa – original and resin moulds.
  • Taxidermy – Specialising in cleaning and bleaching skulls and polishing horns
  • Custom orders are always welcome.

For more visit Beautiful Horns and get in touch to find your own unique organically sourced work of art. Also, do not miss out on their Black Friday specials in November. You can make the most of their promotions from 28 Nov – 1 December 2019. Check out their website for more details. T & C apply.

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